Welcome to the startup version of the Foam & Function website. This is a very hastily assembled and homemade version, a space filler while the experts create the slick, fully loaded with bells and whistles version. Much like a first attempt at shaping a board or taking a photo, things sometimes go wrong, so although this site is a bit asymettrical, out of focus and one of the fins is crooked, it will hopefully give you an idea of what we're trying to do. The idea is to become a forum where a group of very independent artists and craftsmen can display and retail their otherwise difficult to obtain output. Over the years we've been lucky enough to become involved with some truly gifted individuals. In Australia we have Andrew Kidman, Mick Mackie, Wayne Lynch and Mick Waters while the USA contributors include Joe Curren, Patrick Trefz, Jill Jordan, Tim Griffin, Jamie Brisick, Eduardo Madera, Richard Kenvin and The Swift Movement. It's an impressive roster and one we hope to see grow as time goes by. Within this site you can find a range of surfboards, books, photography, art and clothing that we humbly suggest is exceptional and unusual. Please enjoy, and for any questions, comments or to place an order contact us at