Andrew Kidman's 'Ether' is as much a piece of collectable art as it is a surf photography collection. Limited to only 1050 signed and numbered copies, the book itself is 12" x 12" and 252 pages featuring not only Andrew's evocative photography, but his art, screenprint work and full transcripts of interviews with many of the photographic subjects. The book is packaged in a printed box and comes with a colour vinyl 10" recording of Andrew's music. The concept behind the whole package was to produce something that was as much an artwork as anything hanging on the walls of the myriad 'surfart' galleries, but to do it a more affordable price than most gallery work can be found at. 'Ether' features a range of Andrew's photography from throughout his career and goes beyond the usual wave and surfer portraiture to document some of the most forward thinking and important designers in the surf world. It's quite simply an important collection of images for anyone with more than a superficial interest in the world of surf culture. The book is $175 and owing to it's size, shipping inside the USA is $10 and to the rest of the world is $50. To order please contact us at Ether is limited and will not be reprinted in any form.

"Ether slams the window on the surf book hailstorm. Like the author, it's real, it's original and it has something to say." Scott Hulet, The Surfer's Journal

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