Mick Mackie began shaping in Sydney in 1984 under the guidance of John Harris & Terry Fitzgerald and his career path has led him to the small central N.S.W. town of Ulladulla. From these surroundings, largely removed from the hype and chaos of the surf world, he has been crafting some remarkable and individualistic surfboards. He's become known as not only a surfer who charges the heavy, hollow reef surf of the central coast but as a shaper who builds boards to suit it. Mick's shaping has continued evolving and he's become more and more involved with progressive design and materials, most notably with his flextails, carbon fibre/EPS Fibreflex boards and incredible performance oriented sidecut fish.


MIck on surfboard design from the 'Ether' interview:

"It's great. It's opened up and diversified. There are great contemporary shortboard shapers out there; there's great 'retro' shaping for want of a better word. There's a lot going on and it's all exciting. It's invigorating as a shaper. Mark Richards said it, that he found it invigorating that all this stuff had come back.. I like that. As a shaper, it's unreal; it's a good journey. The other day I shaped a 5'4" grommet board, three fish, a gun and various other hybrids, all in one day. I like it."

We are thrilled and honoured to be able to make Mick's boards available to interested riders in the USA. These boards are very much a handcrafted item, so there's a constant process of modification going on within the basic designs- decks are textured, fins are experimented with and this hands-on production means we can do whatever you want with a custom- any setup of fins, size, resin tint- you name it, just allow a bit longer for the board to be made and shipped. Our love of twinnies means it's been fish we've been seeing, particularly his Flextails. The flex of the carbon fibre/EVA pins means they load up energy going into turns and release it as they come out, giving you a powerful snappy turn still while retaining the drivey, down the line feel of a traditional fish- excellent fun! If you have an interest in any of the available boards or want to inquire about a custom, please contact us at info@foamandfunction.com

Sidecut Fish

6' x 20" x 2 5/8"

The Mackie fish, certainly not a retro board but built from those classic fish concepts. Sidecut to give extra hook in the turns, pulled in profile and lightweight EPS to give the speed to get into those turns. This board is a sub 7lb rocket and a beautiful bit of craftsmanship. Comes with FCS boxes and FK-7 hexcore fins.



2 + 1 Diamond Tail

5'9" x 21" x 2 5/8 "

2 + 1 diamond tail shape with a nice bright orange tint for the classic look. A wider board with plenty of planing area and the sidebites giving hold with a minimum of drag makes for a drivey, fast board and the juicy tint makes it look good doing it. Comes with a refoiled 9" center fin and sidebites.


Sidecut Flextail Fish

5'9" x 20 1/2" x 2 7/16 "

Mick is now incorporating the push of the carbon fibre/EVA flexpin design with the fast, loose outline of his very successful sidecut fish. Ultra racy profile, sidecut snap and flexpin push combined feels really fast, really loose and really fun. This board came with glassed on hand made ultra-foiled flex keels. Design guru Carl Ekstrom says '..some good thinking went into this..' and he's a hard man to impress.


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