The Swift Movement is a San Diego based company who have been quietly exploring a variety of design styles that are considered outside the mainstream of most surfboards. They are best known for working with legendary San Diego shapers and legendary San Diego designs like the Fish.Swift helped make shapes by the likes of Larry Mabile, Bob Mitzven, Hank Warner, Rich Pavel, Steve Seebold and Steve Pendarvis more available to those outside the hub of Windansea, and more recently they've been working with Joe Bauguess on developing the planing hull concepts of Bob Simmons into a postmodern craft of the highest order. The original line of Swift boards have been developing beyond the classic fish, and currently there's an amazing array of options inside that design platform. From a more traditional style board complete with Gephardt keels and custom resin work to the Mabile twinzers and the Mitzven longfish, there's a wealth of functional surf design to experiment with. We will happily answer any questions about the Swift Boards and can organize custom shapes, and hopefully will soon have a range of Swift shapes available as stock boards.


"We borrow from the past and add to the present to create the future."

Joe Bauguess, July 2008





The boards Swift have been pioneering over the last 2 years are the Mini Simmons models. Based on a board designed and built by Bob Simmons from styrofoam and resin, the Mini Simmons is an ultra progressive mid century design reborn for the new century. The board is a revelation to ride: loose, skatey and the fastest board you'll feel under your feet. The boards work better the shorter they are, so you'll find yourself going 5" shorter than you'd expect yet still able to paddle better than a regular shortboard. The Mini Simmons feature wood keels by Larry Gephardt designed based on the original Simmons fins and are all shaped from EPS foam by Joe Bauguess and Bob Mitzven, who have worked intensively with Simmons' designs over the years and have been involved intensively in the deveopment of these new conceptions of Simmon's beautifully subtle planing hull. These are the real deal Mini Simmons, the originals built by craftsmen working from hands on design experience. Shaped and glassed in San Diego California


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