At last time to update. As always the day to day stuff keeps us busy, but some of it is coalescing into a few concepts, projects, what-have-you's that will hopefully entertain and interest any of you out there who check this stuff out, and my profound thanks to you if you're reading this because that makes you one of those people. It's not like we're even a minor economic force in our small corner of the surf culture, but the interest in what we're doing here has been gratifying, and everything we sell helps fund the artists and craftsmen who make it all happen. On that note, there's a few new things up including a nice Tyler Warren designed T-shirt and Kidman's 'Last Hope' film compilation, and we're working on adding a shaper or two into the roster available here. First up we're very excited to be able to offer the Carl Ekstrom asymmetricals. Carl is basically the embodiment of what we love- a world class industrial designer with deep surf roots having worked with the likes of Al Nelson and Dale Velzy, he was the creator of the asymmetrical surf and snow boards and more recently has been working with cutting edge finless designs for the wave machines. He's sold boards to Warhol and hung with Black Butch. Best of all, he's doing a limited run of hand shaped asymmetrical boards for the Hydrodynamica project. PU/epoxy construction, boxes or Geppy keel option and obviously customized to your stance and needs, these are an amazing chance to own a very functional and historically important surfboard and at $1150 a fairly affordable one too. More soon we hope, enjoy the summer (or winter for our southern friends) and as always, for any questions, orders or just plain comments. We're happy to hear from you.




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