This friends, is where things get really fun. A major reason for the construction of this site was to make available a range of otherwise difficult to obtain surfcraft. We've been lucky enough to not only get to ride the creations of these shapers, but now to help them bring the boards to a new audience of people. All the boards you see in these pages are fine, hand shaped items built and designed by craftsmen who have field tested these designs at a level of surfing we can only hope to achieve. Given the shared interest in how the design and construction of surfboards can be experimented with and manipulated to bring new sensations to the rider, the boards you'll see on the following pages may seem a little removed from the mainstream of surfcraft, but it's the simple joy of getting to go new places on a wave that unite all these boards and has build a steadily growing following of excited riders around the world. We hope that we'll be able to maintain a small but functional level of boards in stock and available, but again the very nature of these craft means that custom orders are going to be in demand, and we will gladly facilitate that in the most functional way possible. As time goes on we hope to add a range of boards from other shapers, and the boards in stock here will change often, so please check back whenever the urge comes. as always, we will be more than happy to answer any questions or hear any comments at Thank you and enjoy.

Mick Mackie


The Swift


Wayne Lynch Designs By Tim Griffin
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